Case Study

Specialised Building Plastics

SBP is a well-established company offering a wide range of building plastics, including specialised materials like polycarbonate sheets and interior cladding. They prioritise customer satisfaction, providing expert assistance and next-day delivery services across the UK.





“Well over 90% of our invoices are processed automatically without any human intervention being required at all. ”



SBP Specialised Building Plastics, a well-established player in the building plastics industry, faced a significant challenge in their finance processes. The traditional, paper-based approach, including the use of triplicate printers, made their workflow cumbersome, error-prone, and time-consuming. The need for modernisation and automation was evident to enhance efficiency and reduce the burden on the accounts team.


  • Labor-intensive paper-based process
  • High volume of invoices
  • Team under pressure during high-volume periods

The Solution

SBP was referred to Spectrum Digital by OGL Computer Services, recognising the need for a tailored solution to modernise its finance processes. Collaborating closely with Spectrum Digital, Nurin, the Operations Manager at SBP, found the partnership to be highly collaborative. The two businesses seamlessly integrated, working as one to address SBP’s unique challenges. They understood that an off-the-shelf solution would not suffice due to the intricate nuances of SBP’s operations.

The implementation of Spectrum Digital’s customised solution brought remarkable improvements to SBP’s finance processes:

  • Automation Success: SBP transitioned from a labor-intensive, paper-based process to automating well over 90% of their invoices. This remarkable achievement significantly reduced the need for human intervention in invoice processing.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: With automation, the risk of errors associated with manual data entry was virtually eliminated, ensuring accurate financial records.
  • Reduced Stress and Strain: The automation of the finance processes brought relief to the accounts team, especially during time-sensitive or high-volume periods. Stress levels reduced, and the team could focus on more strategic tasks.

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