RIX Petroleum

Case Study

RIX Petroleum

Rix Petroleum is one of the oldest remaining family-owned, independent fuel distributors in the UK. Rix distribute and retail petroleum products from local branches located throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, the Midlands, North East, East Anglia, Essex, the West Country and the east coast of Scotland.






“Spectrum has taken the headache out of so many day-to-day tasks and has integrated seamlessly with our existing systems.”


In order to meet its growth objectives, Rix required automated finance systems to help manage the many thousand purchase and sales ledger transactions dealt with by the Accounts department. In addition, Rix wanted to introduce a new method of ensuring that all staff are aware of the company’s latest policies.


  • Need to integrate with existing ERP software
  • Finance operations were slow and cumbersome.
  • Need to ensure improved compliance and policy management

The Solution

This project focused on the automation of mundane accounting tasks. By introducing intelligent invoice scanning and document management software, Rix saw immediate time-savings amongst the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions, through clever integrations with the company’s existing ERP and accounting software, resulting in the avoidance of manual, duplicated data entry. All incoming finance documents are now scanned, securely stored, shredded and easily retrieved at the click of a mouse.

With the introduction of automated workflows that are tailored to Rix’s management rules, Spectrum have been able to transform the way that information is captured and passed around the business. Reduced print, reduced postage, increased scanning and, ultimately, increased productivity, really has revolutionised the finance department’s capability.

Finally, with concern over compliance around HR functions, the introduction of intelligent web forms has allowed Rix to closely monitor which employees have read and accepted frequently-changing policy documents, giving them the peace of mind that they have met the relevant legal obligations.

With a desire to drive growth in new markets, backed by the introduction of innovative technology and working practices, Rix took the decision to invest in improving efficiency within its back-office operations.

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