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Another day, another inbox full of invoices… not to mention those still in the post. Oh and here come the delivery notes…time for another coffee!

Accounting manual data entry is a key part of the daily process and essential to the lifeblood of the business, but are staff being used to their full potential? Surely there’s a more efficient way!

Whether it be wasted time, quality of the data entered, losing that floating invoice out for approval or simply the bulging filing cabinets of old invoices, there are many reasons to move to modern ways of invoice and data capture.

You may have heard of the term OCR (Optical Character Recognition for those that want to know!) and historically this was the key way of digitally capturing documents with “meta” data. The drawback is that it relies on important information, such as a text or a barcode, consistently being in a specific area.


Static OCR still works well in many situations but with so many document layouts for invoices and delivery notes, no single OCR setup can cover everything.

With advancements in technology the barriers have well and truly been broken down. No longer is the information restricted in content and location, you now literally pop the text off the page into a tangible entity to be read by the software.

Varying labels? “Invoice No” “Invoice Number” “Invoice Num” or “INVNO” (the list goes on!) but no longer is this a problem. With a “dictionary” of terms the software reads the content and matches the information found, even as far as identifying credit notes, delivery notes and invoices as separate types of document.

“Great it all sounds amazing! but how does it actually help?” I hear you say. Well, how about the following to get you started!?

  • Fully automate the data capture, on average, of 80% of your top suppliers’ invoices
  • Minimise the manual interaction required on more problematic documents
  • Potentially reduce the amount of time spent manually inputting information by up to 50%
  • Minimise or remove data error from human input
  • Digitise data to work hand in hand with other processes to handle approval and queries
  • Tie to ERP or Accounts Software to pre-validate purchase order numbers or even the line items themselves!

If you then combine this capture process with a robust information management software with workflows you can remove the final pain points of storage/recall, remembering to chase approval and losing those floating documents.

Whether you are looking to expand, free up staff time, remove the need for paper storage or streamline the overall accounts process (or just keep the coffee bills down), the combination of modern intelligent capture and storage could be what you need.

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